General Questions 


1.    What is this video chat about, and is it really free and unlimited.

The video chat room is a unique feature that allows users from all over the world to conduct video conferencing (eg. video and audio) with one another directly from their browsers, without the  need for messy installations. The video chat room was initially developed as a hobby and subsequently became one of the most popular video chat site on the Internet.  Our mission now is to encourage more interactions between web users.


And Yes, the chat room is absolutely free and unlimited. Users do not need to register or download any messy installation. Just enter your nickname, login, and enjoy the magic of internet technology.


2.    Free?  What's the catch ?

There is no catch and we intend to keep it that way. Reason ? Simple, we simply have too much money to burn. 


3.    Are there moderators or administrators for the chat room? 

Yes, there are many  moderators  who monitor the chat room anonymously throughout the day for the webmaster. Chat abusers will be immediately kicked out and banned permanently from the chat room.


4.    I like to become a moderator for the chat room. How do I apply?

Note:  First of all, DO NOT beg or ask for Admin powers.


Instead, make sure you do the followings to earn our trust :

Once you have done all of the above, you are likely to be invited to join our TEAM. 

Alternatively, you may "Buy Administrator Powers" here.


5.    Why are some users' nicknames colored in red or blue? 

Nickname colors distinguish normal users from moderators. Details below:

GOLD :      @Supreme / Chief Moderators - Most powerful of all Moderators. Control all Moderators.

ORANGE: @Senior Red Moderators - Assistant Gold Moderator.  Controls all Red, Blue, Green & Light Blue.

RED :         @Red Moderators  - More powerful than Blue & Green & Light Blue Moderators

BLUE:        @Moderator  - Control & monitor the room.  

Light Blue: +@ - Special Friend Moderator (No Permanent) - Control and Monitor Room. - Only for special normal users. 

Green:    + Special User - Power to view IP / Create&Delete rooms / Announce sound to everyone. Users can become Special User here.

BLACK: Normal User 


6.    What are the rooms for? And how do I create rooms?  

Rooms are meant for those who want to conduct their own fun group gatherings away from the attention of the main lobby. 

Only Moderators are able to create rooms and users are free to ask a Moderator to create a room for his / her enjoyment.


7.    Can I click on the Video & Audio slots if I have no web camera or microphone?  

People who have no web cameras and microphones - PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE Audio/Video slots, otherwise you will be KICKED immediately. Normally a 5-second warning is given, failing which the user will be banned. Users are reminded that there are many other people who genuinely want to share their interesting broadcasts with the rest of the world, so PLEASE do not take up  the video slots if you have nothing to show, including not even have a web camera at all. 


Technical Questions


1.    I do not have a web camera or microphone. Am I still able to enjoy the chat room ?

Yes definitely. You can carry on chatting with other users by text messaging, and at the same enjoy the audio and videos of those who has a web camera and microphone. But please do not click on the Audio/Video slots if you do not have webcam and microphone.


2.    I have a normal 56k dial up internet connection, am I still be able to enjoy the video/audio features of this chat room ?

Yes definitely. You will still be able to conduct video and audio chats with other users, though quality of the video may not be as clear or fast as those on a broadband connection. The chat room has been optimized for both users of 56k and broadband connections.


3.    Am I able to have a private one to one chat with another user?

Yes. The chat room enables users to engage in private 1-on-1 video chats with their  loved ones. Simply click on the nickname of the person and wait for him/her to accept your private chat invitation. 


4.    How do I activate my web camera or microphone so that others can see and hear me?

Click on any of the 4 video slots on the right side of the chat room, and allow access to your web camera or microphone to begin broadcasting. 


5.    I have only a microphone but no web camera. Am I still able to enjoy the audio function only?

We do not encourage you to click on the Video/Audio slots if you do not have web camera. This is because there are other people who genuinely want to broadcast their cameras and you will be taking up the valuable slots from them.


6.    I cannot see other users' videos. It shows "Video Off". Why ?

There are 3 reasons:

a)    The user may only have a microphone and no web camera. So he is only transmitting his voice and no video; or

b)    Your internet connection may have accidentally rejected users' broadcasts. To solve this, you can simply :

        i.)    click on the video slot's camera icon to pause and un-pause, and wait for the video to reappear; or

        ii)    refresh the page and re-login to chatroom again.

c)    Stupid people who have neither a web camera nor microphone stubbornly click on the video slots to broadcast nothing;


7.    I have a web camera, but it shows "Video Off" even when I click on the video slot. It doesn't broadcast my web camera. Why ?

Your connection may have accidentally rejected the chat room's communication with your web camera. Refresh  your page and relogin and the problem should be resolved.



If you have any further questions not listed above, please contact us.

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